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Our security policy requires you to make an appointment before visiting one of our facilities.

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We are a family owned, full service collateral recovery and repossession agency with 3 offices in Arizona and Colorado. We are the largest and most comprehensive license plate recognition  (LPR) provider in Colorado. We use proven technology which helps us recover over 30 million in assets annually. Our state of the art technology and fleet of late model recovery trucks are ready to safely and securely recover your defaulted collateral, no matter what it might be.

We maintain the highest standards for consumer compliance via the American Recovery Association Compliance Monitoring System. We are proud members in good standing with both the American Recovery Association and the Eagle XX groups. All of our field agents and support staff are credentialed through the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist (CARS) certification and all staff receive yearly continuing education to handle your defaulted accounts with the utmost of professionalism.

License Plate Recognition | Republic Parking Immobilization Services

 Asset Recovery Group LLC is an affiliate of DRN, the Nationwide leader in LPR.
DRN scans over 155 million license plates per month. This results in faster repossession response times and reduces charge-off accounts.

Select Asset  Recovery Group LLC

P.O. Box 21221
Phoenix, Arizona 85036
Phone: (602) 254-5446
Fax: (602) 254-5077
Email: office@selectrecoverygroup

Select Asset  Recovery Group LLC
Colorado Locations

Denver, Colorado 85009
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80190
Phone: (602) 254-5446
Fax: (602) 254-5077
Email: office@selectrecoverygroup

Personal Property - Vehicle Redemption - Transports

If you need to retrieve any personal property that was left in your vehicle, have made arrangements with your bank
and need to redeem your vehicle or if you need to pick up a vehicle from our storage lot, you
MUST make an appointment first.

Repossession Software from Cleardata

***NOTICE - If you make an appointment with us and fail to show up or cancel with us, you may be assessed an  administrative fee.